72 Days Left: House Bill 2 Gets the Infographic Treatment.

Want to know what’s going on in Texas in the aftermath of House Bill 2 in this year’s special session? We joined forces with NARAL Pro-Choice Texas to bring you this infographic that should help in answering most of your questions.  Because of this bill, we have 72 days to comply with three of the …

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75 Days Left, and Today We’re Humbly Reminded of Why We’re Here.

We received an email today from a former patient that received unparalleled care in one of our clinics: About a year ago to this day, I was at the Whole Woman’s Health in Minneapolis. I was getting an abortion. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone in my life, so I went alone. Upon entering …

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Today we lost someone important.

Yesterday, we received a letter of resignation from one of our clinic doctors: “Thank you so much for fighting the good fight. A big part of me is sorry I’m not in there with you but I have to do what’s right for me at this point.”  “I have loved my work with WWH and …

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Whole Woman’s Health: The Aftermath of HB2.

The courts. “Will we win?” “What if we don’t?” “Where will that leave us?” Our physicians. “What happens in 90 days?” “How long have they been providing care?” Our company. “What do we do?” “What’s our future?” “Will I lose my job?” Since the passage of HB2, like hamsters on a political wheel, we have …

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Thank you.

Friends, Advocates, and Patients, First of all, thank you. Thank you to everyone who joined Whole Woman’s Health and NARAL Pro-Choice Texas at the Texas Capitol yesterday, sending a sea of tangerine-colored shirts as a message to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee that reproductive healthcare matters to women. Whether you testified, tweeted, took …

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Whole Woman’s Health: International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and to celebrate and honor women the BBC show Up All Night hosted a discussion with women from all over the world, including our CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller who represented the United States! I have pasted a link below for you to click on and listen to the great discussion …

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Whole Woman’s Health: Texas Policy Evaluation Project Briefing Coverage

Yesterday, Whole Woman’s Health along with NARAL Pro Choice Texas and the Texas Policy Evaluation Project, held a briefing at the Capitol to publicize the impact that cuts in family planning and restrictions on access to abortion care services have had on women in the state of Texas. Representative Jessica Farrar also revealed her intent …

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Whole Woman’s Health: Must Read Article

http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2013/02/28/unethical-cruel-and-likely-illegal-anti-choicers-make-familys-tragedy-public-without-their-consent/ Bridgette Dunlap discusses and analyzes the pro life reaction and publicity of patient death in Maryland.

Invitation to a briefing at the Texas state Capitol







Join us this Wednesday March 6th for a very informative briefing at our state Capitol. Share this invite with everyone you know as we call for a Texas that values women!