Big News on Our Texas Clinics

We told you we were going to keep fighting like hell to keep offering abortion care to everyone we possibly can. On June 27th, we took Texas to court to stop the state from enforcing its pre-Roe anti-abortion law that had forced us to close the four Texas clinics managed by Whole Woman’s Health. The…
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We’re Suing Texas — Again

The Supreme Court’s heinous ruling on Friday has gripped Americans with fear, and Texas is ground zero. Within hours of the decision, the Texas Attorney General put out an advisory stating that “abortion providers could be criminally liable for providing abortions starting today” based on the state’s “abortion prohibitions predating Roe.” Because of that pre-Roe…
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The Overturning of Roe: Our CEO’s Heartfelt Response

Myself, and all of us at Whole Woman’s Heath, are emotionally devastated today. The reversing of Roe is not abstract for us  – today we had to call hundreds of our patients in Texas and cancel their appointments. Today, our staff in our 9 clinics in 5 states all across the country are trying to make…
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As a Gay Man, This Is Why I Fight for Abortion Rights

Reproductive rights are inextricably linked with gay rights. People of all sexual orientations and gender identities need abortions. In addition, the same states introducing cruel and unjust abortion bans are also attacking bodily autonomy through legislation that targets LGBTQIA+ people. During Pride Month, we’re celebrating the resilience, strength, and activism of LGBTQIA+ communities. Jared, a gay…
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