All Aboard to Beaumont!

Hmmmm. Well, well look what I found on Wikipedia. Operation Rescue – the group that pro-choicers love to hate and everybody else seems to deny knowing. A fun read, if you’re wondering how much credit to give these guys. But enough about them. This post is about Beaumont. (wait! stay with me.) Nestled in the…
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The Kindness of Strangers

“You can always depend on the kindness of strangers”…may not always be true. But lately, abortion providers and supporters have been showing solidarity by sending each other some friendly faxes. Here’s one we got at our Austin clinic, from Revolution Books in Atlanta. And another from Cherry Hill! And, and another from Concord Feminist Health…
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This Is Whole Woman’s Health

It’s March – Women’s History Month! And looking around, I just had to speak up about parts of our past that seem to be repeating themselves – and not the good parts. What a year it’s been for women – Can you remember such negativity in the air?  It’s in the Senate hearings.  It’s all…
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