Whole Woman’s Health: There’s an App for That

Yesterday, we officially launched our new mobile website! While it may not be a real ‘app,’ it functions like one, and we’re very happy to see that people are already using it to make appointments, direct phone calls and learn more about our services. Here are our top 5 favorite features. Feel free to visit…
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Whole Woman’s Health: Happy Birthday, Roe V. Wade

A few weeks ago, I saw Sarah Weddington sitting at a restaurant. I might have been the only one in the place who recognized who she was, but I can guarantee you, that woman had more to do with the past, present and future of reproductive rights than anybody else in the room. Sitting at…
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Whole Woman’s Health: Official Press Release Regarding the Texas Sonogram Bill

Press Statement            Re:  Recent Ruling on Sono bill implementation from the 5th Circuit 13 January 2012 Whole Woman’s Health, LLC and its affiliated companies have provided quality reproductive health care in Texas for almost a decade. We are proud of our distinguished record of excellent medicine and compassionate support for women and families.  We know…
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Whole Woman’s Health: Violence Against Women and Women’s Health

For most, New Years Eve was a time for being with friends and family, thinking about our achievements and hopes… It’s symbolic of different things for every person. This year, New Years Eve was a symbol of the beginning of a 20 year sentence in jail, for a man who decided to leave a women’s…
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Whole Woman’s Health: The Mental Health Myth

Rolling into work, we sometimes see people protesting outside, holding signs that say: “Women regret abortion.” …Really? All of them? Does that mean every single woman who has an abortion is better off having a child, for the sake of her mental health? Thanks to a recent study carried out by the Academy of Medical…
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