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The Politics of Plumbing

A cleaning crew, a plumber, a maintenance crew, an IT person… These are a few of the things that are easy to take for granted if you’re any average, growing business. They have a company, they offer services, we need those services, we pay for said services. Bing, bang, boom. Simple, right? Not so much …

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Texas! We Hit the Jackpot!

TEXAS! You’ll never guess what I found. Remember our GIANT deficit? Remember all of those kids without health insurance? Remember all of those schools that are on the brink of closing? Well I just found 8 MILLION DOLLARS that we can put towards some of those things. Look – here’s over 4 million of it: …

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Honesty Is the Best Policy

From a local pro-life forum: “To be pro-life truly means that you are pro-woman. From the founding feminists who stood against abortion, to today, women are embracing the pro-life cause because to be pro-life demands that we care for women.” My instinct tells me to roll my eyes and move on. But as a fellow …

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