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They’ve really thought of everything here at WWH. After calling around my local town, I was surprised to find rudeness and inability to refer me to a clinic with real options. I had to expand my search to Charlottesville and found Whole Women’s. I felt heard. There was no propaganda, or agenda. They actively listened, they presented scientific facts and offered an in depth look at the choices you have. I left with no confusion, and felt such relief. Speaking of choices, the environment and support staff were A++. Although I’m a very no frills person, I noticed that every possible comforting measure has been taken in every area- diverse reading material, refreshments and snacks all gratis, blankets, I noticed notebooks for journaling, and stationary, I appreciated no televisions as it made the entire place very calm. All this to say- I was not fortunate to have a person to travel and share this experience with me, but I never felt alone at Whole Women’s. If you are googling for yourself, or for a friend, be confident that this is a beautiful, supportive mission to serving women and families.

— Sarah Anne
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After learning that a wanted pregnancy would not come to term, I was recommended for a surgical termination at Whole Women’s Health by my OB/GYN specialist. The staff and doctor were very professional and non-judgmental, especially given that this was a very emotionally difficult situation for my spouse and I. I observed that that was their behavior towards anyone who was there from all walks of life. The facility was very secure. There were some protestors in front of the plaza but were not permitted by security towards the back where the building is located as it’s private property. It was also nice to learn that they offer other OB/GYN (birth control, Pap smears, routine checkups) at a much lower cost than if you were to go through insurance at a regular medical practice. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone seeking women’s health services. I feel very fortunate to have had access to this facility, given the climate in our country.

— Tina G.
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