Share Your Abortion Story

With abortion rights under constant battle, it can feel isolating and scary to be an abortion provider or a person seeking abortion care. But the fact is that abortion is a common experience. Nearly one in four women in the United States will have an abortion by age 45.

In addition to the high-quality abortion care we provide in our 9 clinics, we want to help abortion patients and providers take control of the narrative and feel empowered, supported, and heard. If you’ve had one or more abortions, provide abortion care, or helped a loved one get an abortion, we want to hear from you. Speak up, speak out, and let others know that anti-abortion laws don’t represent the values of most Americans. You can be as forward or anonymous as you prefer – none of the below fields are required. It’s your story and we want to help you make a difference with it.

Stories may be edited for length, grammar/spelling, and privacy