An Announcement from our CEO – Meet Whole Woman’s Health of Peoria!

Whole Woman’s Health is pleased to announce that we have opened a new clinic location in Peoria, Illinois! We will proudly be carrying forward the work done here for 40 years by the staff and physicians at National Health Care of Peoria. When the National Health Care team called us earlier this year to let …

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Meet Emily: Your abortion navigator and all-around helpful person

When we talk about abortion providers, stories usually center around the physicians, administrators, staff and volunteers who work directly with patients in the clinic. The abortion experience does not only happen within the walls of a clinic, though. What about the before? Or the after? Our EmpowerLine team is the touchpoint for our patients and …

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Whole Woman’s Health: Proud to offer safe, compassionate abortion care

For the average person, abortion can be a ‘taboo’ or ‘fringe’ issue. It can be confusing, understandably considering the medically unsupported anti-choice laws being enacted, the state-funded centers that routinely lie to pregnant women, and the inaccurate information physicians are legally bound to give patients. Regardless, real, human people need abortions every day for a myriad of deeply personal reasons. All of us at Whole Woman’s Health feel …

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From the Whole Woman’s Health Patient Journal

I thought I was in love, I was actually, just in love alone. This was by far one of the hardest and must hurtful decisions I’ve had to make in my entire life. Though I feel horrible and as I try not to hate myself I know that I made a wise decision.

“Do not let a man or materialistic things define how much you are worth.”

All sins are equal, ask for forgiveness and move on because God will see you through.

Love yourself, love those around you.

What Does Holistic Abortion Care Even Mean?

At Whole Woman’s Health, we take a lot of pride in saying (and giving) what we call holistic abortion care. It’s a foundation to the way in which we provide medical care and it results in a better, more compassionate experience for the patients we see. When we eagerly tell others that we function holistically, we sometimes get …

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Amy Hagstrom Miller Speaks Out About Stigma

These last few days Whole Woman’s Health has been at the Abortion Care Network’s Annual Meeting – an inspiring conference of the nation’s independent providers and our allies within the activist, art, legislative, faith, and journalist communities. Yesterday our Founder Amy Hagstrom Miller spoke to attendees about how her drive to rid the world of abortion stigma manifests in what we do …

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WWH of Fort Worth is OPEN!

We understand that in northern Texas it can sometimes be confusing as to what resources are available when it comes to reproductive health or when you are considering terminating a pregnancy. That’s why we would like to take a moment to highlight our Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth clinic. Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth …

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Andrea Ferrigno on Being Forced to Close Our Doors in McAllen Once Again [VIDEO]

Yesterday the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated the provisions of House Bill 2 that have decimated abortion access in Texas to a mere 8 clinics for a state of over 26 million people. Last month, we were able to reopen our McAllen clinic after getting an injunction in our first trial, restoring access to the people of …

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