Today we lost someone important.

Yesterday, we received a letter of resignation from one of our clinic doctors: “Thank you so much for fighting the good fight. A big part of me is sorry I’m not in there with you but I have to do what’s right for me at this point.”  “I have loved my work with WWH and …

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61 Days Left: Where are the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Texas? [MAP]

In Texas and other states, anti-choice activists will try and trick women seeking abortion care into carrying their pregnancies to term. To do this, they often lead them to a fake clinic called a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC). CPCs are funded primarily through anti-choice license plates sold by the State of Texas, but some have even received …

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Each Step Forward Gives Us Hope.

As we’re sure anyone can imagine, we’ve had to make many tactical decisions and longterm plans since the passage of House Bill 2, all of them proving to be very difficult. In making these decisions, we’ve seen some progress this past week, with breakthroughs for us as a business and the prime healthcare that we …

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