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They’ve really thought of everything at WWH. After calling around my local town, I was surprised to find rudeness and inability to refer me to a clinic with real options. I had to expand my search to Charlottesville and found Whole Woman’s Health. I felt heard. There was no propaganda or agenda. They actively listened, they presented scientific facts and offered an in-depth look at the choices you have. I left with no confusion and felt such relief. Speaking of choices, the environment and support staff were A++. Although I’m a very no-frills person, I noticed that every possible comforting measure has been taken in every area – diverse reading material, refreshments and snacks all gratis, blankets, notebooks for journaling, and stationary. I appreciated no televisions as it made the entire place very calm. All this to say I was not fortunate to have a person to travel and share this experience with me, but I never felt alone at Whole Woman’s Health. If you are Googling for yourself or for a friend, be confident that this is a beautiful, supportive place serving women and families.