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I have only wonderful things to say about this clinic. When you first walk in, the office has a clean, calm, and friendly atmosphere. The administrative staff is extremely friendly and happy to help with any questions as well as clearly explain all paperwork which needs to be filled out. The healthcare staff members are SO amazing. They are kind, thoughtful and empathetic to the patient. They are absolutely thorough and transparent in making sure that the patient is fully informed and understands the procedures in which they have come to the office to receive. Most importantly, the staff makes sure that the patient is comfortable in their choices and offer support in a zero-judgement atmosphere. The billing staff and office manager is unbelievably down to earth and treats the patient with decency and respect. Most of all they are willing to work with you! I have to say, I have had better healthcare and service at Whole Woman’s Health compared to any other gynecologist I have been to in the past that be, through university, military, or private practices. I cannot recommend this clinic enough for any woman that needs reproductive healthcare.