Abortion Wayfinder Program

Are you unable to receive the abortion care you want or need in your state due to abortion bans and restrictions?

Call us at 877-808-1045 as soon as possible so we can help you get the care that you deserve.

Whole Woman’s Health operates the Abortion Wayfinder Program to protect and expand access to abortion care for patients who are denied care because of bad laws in their home state. We help people find their way to the abortion healthcare they need. What’s more, we are working alongside abortion funds and allies to secure logistical and financial support for anyone needing to travel for abortion care.

Please call and ask for the Abortion Wayfinder Program to get connected. You can reach us in one of two ways:

  1. Call us directly at 877-808-1045
  2. Schedule a consultation at a WWH clinic to receive a sonogram and determine your eligibility for abortion care.

What Can the Abortion Wayfinder Program Help With?

Our staff will:

  1. Schedule an in-clinic appointment at a WWH clinic in a haven state like Maryland, Minnesota, or DC/Virginia (whichever works best for you!).
  2. Schedule a Virtual Care visit via telemedicine in Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, or Virginia.
  3. Transfer your records to a WWH clinic or our Virtual Care program – wherever you make your appointment.
  4. If needed, we can assist you with funding to cover the cost of care.
  5. If needed, we can help you with travel and logistical funding resources.

Call us now at 877-808-1045 to get your abortion YOUR WAY!

Help someone get the abortion they need

More than half the states in the US are likely to ban abortion entirely without Roe v. Wade. The average distance to the nearest abortion clinic will go from 25 to 125 miles. For some, the trip will be more than 650 miles one way. The Abortion Wayfinder Program exists to support anyone who just can’t make it on their own — helping them make appointments at clinics in safe states, arranging travel, and providing funding and other essential logistical support. More and more people need help finding their way to safe and legal abortion care every day. Please help us give them the gift of safe passage.