Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion

How will my abortion affect my periods?

Abortion starts a new menstrual cycle, so your period should go back to normal 4-8 weeks after your abortion. The birth control method you use will affect when your next period will come.

You should have a period by 8 weeks after your abortion, if you are not using any birth control. If you’re not using birth control and you don’t get your period 8 weeks after your abortion, let your doctor know.

You may have some bleeding right after your abortion that’s different than your period. You could have heavy bleeding with clots for a few days, or spotting for several weeks. You can use pads, tampons, or a menstrual cup — whatever’s the most comfortable for you. You might want to use pads so you can track how much you’re bleeding. If you’re concerned about bleeding after your abortion, give us a call.