Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion

I am 16 years old. Do I have to tell my mother?

Many young people tell a parent when they are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion. You’d be surprised. Many parents have had an abortion themselves and will be supportive and helpful, not punishing – if you seek their help.

You may be scared, you may feel like you’ve let them down. That’s normal. No one gets pregnant to have an abortion and no one plans to be in this situation.

Many states have regulations requiring minors (patients under 18) to tell one or more parents if they plan to have an abortion, and some states do not. Please check here for the laws in your state. Even where notification or consent is required, there’s usually an exception. This is called “judicial bypass”. It’s for minors who simply can’t tell their parents safely.

If you live in Texas, you may find this organization (Jane’s Due Process) helpful to navigate the Texas laws.