Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion

Is there a waiting period? What are the state laws?


In Maryland, there is NO WAITING PERIOD for abortion care. We offer abortion care almost every day of the week and we will do our best to accommodate you. Calling ahead can help secure your appointment.


The State of Texas currently requires all women seeking an abortion to undergo a 24-hour waiting period before their procedure. Due to this Texas law, walk-in appointments for an abortion are no longer available in our Texas clinics. Please plan ahead – remember that you will need to make your appointment 24 hours before you want to come. Texas has many laws and regulations surrounding your abortion. Just give us a call and we can help.


Minnesota also has a 24-hour waiting period. The good news is – the information we need the day before (from a doctor) can be done over the phone and does not require an additional in-person visit.

NOTE: Waiting periods, when they are in place, only affect the timing of our abortion services. If you’re coming into any of our clinics for a pregnancy test, emergency contraception, an ultrasound or many of our other services, you are welcome to come in during business hours.


Virginia has recently amended their laws to support reproductive rights. Thus, there is NO WAITING PERIOD for abortion care. You can get all of your services in one visit.


The waiting period in Indiana is 18 hours. Similar to Texas, an additional visit is required.